Monday, January 18, 2010

The awakwardness of it all.

Today I broke up with my boyfriend. My reason you ask? He didn't speak to me at all for a whole day...Not a good one I admit.

The truth in this matter is that I broke up with him because he was or still is to sweet! Also, he told me he loved me a mere day after we started "dating". Needless to say I was in shock and out of kindness to spare his feelings I said it back. BIG mistake! To make matters worse I have yet to inform him of our "breakup", yes, yes, cruel...but as most know it's harder than it seems. How do I put this...

"Hey kid, um ya know I was and you...not happening."

UH NO!!! not what I'm looking for.. If you are reading this you may think me unkind, cold hearted or many other awful things along those lines. But in turn I am simply avoiding the obvious of sparing him; am I not?

Oh well, Heart may be broken but it keeps beating all the same.

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