Saturday, January 30, 2010

Once in awhile.

I haven't been posting lately, but its not like any one is reading this.. So does it really matter? Maybe Blogging is just for those people who like to vent once in awhile.

Anyways to todays topic.

I'm over weight. I use to be really over weight, I lost 40 pounds. I'm still not satisfied. I want to lose 25 more pounds. Is this due to the ole saying "Your never happy with what you have"? If it is then maybe I should be happy with what I have..But I could do better. I eat because I'm bored. Anyone else like that out there? That full-ness feeling is never enough for me. When I watch T.V. I get hungry. I have told myself over and over that I'm not hungry. Is that enough? I exercise almost everynight. Music is my motivation. My goal you ask; to wear a pair of jeans with a shirt and my belly does not hang over.

Anyone want to take this challenge with me?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh where to begin..

Let's see...

Today I discovered that the movie Scarlet is fantastico!!

Also that classes were cancelled for the most ridiculous reason...rain.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Wood-splitter....Tree....Me.... What could have possibly went wrong?

Well let me tell you, I have discovered that cutting down a tree for firewood is more work than I thought... First you have to do the whole limb thing and so on...DANGEROUS!

My family borrowed this lovely little wood-splitter thingy, safe right? No not even close to safe. Come to find out when using this you should probably just use one of those medieval shield things! There is a loud POP CRACK then BOOM and you have been smacked with a very, very heavy piece of wood you thought wouldn't hurt you! Just to refer to my statement about the shield, I did use another piece of wood as a shield during this adventure. ;D Genius I know!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The awakwardness of it all.

Today I broke up with my boyfriend. My reason you ask? He didn't speak to me at all for a whole day...Not a good one I admit.

The truth in this matter is that I broke up with him because he was or still is to sweet! Also, he told me he loved me a mere day after we started "dating". Needless to say I was in shock and out of kindness to spare his feelings I said it back. BIG mistake! To make matters worse I have yet to inform him of our "breakup", yes, yes, cruel...but as most know it's harder than it seems. How do I put this...

"Hey kid, um ya know I was and you...not happening."

UH NO!!! not what I'm looking for.. If you are reading this you may think me unkind, cold hearted or many other awful things along those lines. But in turn I am simply avoiding the obvious of sparing him; am I not?

Oh well, Heart may be broken but it keeps beating all the same.


Today I attempted to create a pizza from scratch! Not what I had hoped for. I was prepared to have the bragging right of saying "I made a whole pizza from scratch successfully!" Needless to say i failed to receive this right.

Come to find out allowing your dough time to rise really does matter...also the temperature of that lovely half a cup of water.

Well one must live and learn.

Other things learned today were; When moving a plant you have just watered with the expectation of trying not to get water everywhere, do not move the plate from under the plant.